Thursday, January 13, 2022

quick morning post

 Between about 5 pm yesterday and 7 this morning, I received notice of six more students having to isolate due to covid exposure or positive testing

I figure by next week I'll be teaching to empty classrooms and 100% over zoom. 

Is this the real life? Is the rest of my life going to be "several weeks of major disruption and discomfort, followed by a few weeks that COULD be normal, were it not for Great Resignation and supply-chain messes, until the next variant hits?" I do not approve of this new reality.

I do have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to get the new faucet installed so AT LEAST I will have a fully functional kitchen sink again. And the friend-of-a-friend at church can come some time next month to start the repairs. So that's progressing (though he warned me: it will be hard for me to give you a GOOD estimate, given volatility in prices of lumber and other materials and I completely understand that). 

So tired of playing life on "hard mode." I'm hoping there's some reward for enduring all of this but I doubt there will be, it will just be a more-restricted future: no new friends (everyone bubbled up with everyone else and I"m on the outside), more expensive life, worrying about "is it safe to go out" and just in general, less joy. I probably need to re-start counseling but I don't have time until I get all the crap out of my house so the work can progress and so exterminators can inspect in case the rodent issue wasn't JUST having a hoarder house near me.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I was supposed to see Come From Away at Proctors in Schenectady in two weeks. It was originally scheduled for Sept 2020. I REALLY want to see it.

But I won't. I'm less worried about getting COVID (it may be inevitable) than the fact that my wife is anxious about it. c'est la vie.

At least eight people involved with my church have tested positive, including three I saw IN PERSON. I know two others who've been infected since the last solstice.