Friday, December 16, 2022

An unusual one

 I don't know where I first saw this, but it's surprising to me.

It's The Monkees - yes, the group derided as the "Pre-Fab Four" - doing a fairly serious and challenging Christmas song in Spanish. 

There's some real musicality there. Singing a capella is not easy. And they're singing in a language probably none of them was fluent in - or, at least, it wasn't any of their first language. And singing in harmony is challenging! I can't do it.

I like it though. It's nice to see a group known for funniness and goofiness being a little bit serious and concentrating as they sing something. I watched the Monkees in re-runs (one of the local indie channels ran it when I was in junior high, so some 15-20 years after the original run). I liked it. It was silly, yes, but it was a good-hearted sort of silly, and I think we need that.

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