Friday, July 29, 2022

one more day

 Here's hoping it's just one more day of bad noise (at least for a while, until they have to tackle the kitchen floor job). Miguel just drove up about 20 minutes ago, got all his tools lined up. I *think* all that remains is closing in the former-screen-porch (Mostly: covering the terrible pressed board siding on the thing with good siding, but there are also a few areas of damage he'll need to fix) and doing something about the gable vents.

Then, I presume, Monday or Tuesday Martin can come and paint, which is exciting. 

I'm glad that Miguel can probably get it done today; we are supposed to get rain (which we need) this weekend and I will feel much better having everything covered over.

I can hear him nailgunning already, that means he's popping on siding where he can easily. I'm sure the loud stuff with the Sawzall will come in a bit. I won't lie, I will be almost as glad to have the noise done with as I will to have the house all fixed up. I also found myself giving half my attention (I was trying to read the public lands book) yesterday to the noises, and also to the times it got really quiet (because if it was quiet for more then 5-10 minutes I worried Miguel had got injured; he's working alone, which seems risky to me - but then again, I do a number of potentially hazardous jobs alone, so I don't know. And he has a phone on him, so if it was a minor enough injury he could call for help)


Doing a *little* knitting work - I added a few rows to the corner to corner blanket while sitting on my bed reading yesterday (I have been moving around the house depending on where Miguel was working to be as far from the noise as I could, and that worked when he was doing the entryway and the last bits on the living room, but I had to move once he worked around to that side of the house. It seems like he did the fast simple stuff on Tuesday, and then went back and did the more involved tasks yesterday. Today he has a mix - a little repairing but I think mainly just nailing up new siding, which seems relatively straightforward for someone with experience).

I also attached the sleeves to "A Cardigan for John" this past weekend; I need to do a few more decrease rounds in order for it to look like much - at this point it's just kind of awkward. 

I also pulled out a quilt that I've had hanging around for a while; I just need to handsew down the binding but it's hard to find the motivation to. I think the hanging around while people work around me and trying to do a little course work, and not really getting out of the house at all is wearing on me. I'm contemplating trying to do something fun tomorrow; I assume no one will show up to do work (I'm guessing Miguel gets done today, and there wouldn't be much point, I think, in starting the painting on a day where it might rain). Maybe not go as far as the yarn shop (Though I kind of want to take a very-low-spending trip there before classes start back up - I do have a $20 loyalty card so I could get a skein of yarn or a book and just pay cash for anything over that). I will say the big boss has NOT amended the contract like he did with the roof (to raise the price because of more damage) so I'm hoping that means in the end it won't cost more than what I was quoted, I should be able to just about swing paying for all of that by the end of the year - I've paid a bit more than half so far, and I have about three quarters of the remaining balance on hand, so I feel like maybe, just maybe, I can do one or two "fun" days that cost a little money (the trip to Chickasaw shouldn't, though - I don't think they've instituted the parking fee they talked about yet) before the summer's out. 

I'm slowly breaking out of the "this is forever" feeling about things - seeing the fairly-rapid progress on my house helped, and it gives me hope that when winter (or heck, even fall - fall doesn't start here temperature wise until October) comes, I will have a nice, fixed-up, snug house where I won't have to worry nearly so much about mice as I once did, and I can start sorting the stuff in the storage unit and bringing back what I love, and donating what I don't.....

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