Wednesday, May 11, 2022

And thank goodness

woke up this morning with essentially no abdominal discomfort. Ate a bowl of oatmeal (with golden syrup instead of chocolate chips - I cut the chocolate chips out as soon as the-what-I-thought-was-gallbladder-problem started). Was fine. Finished packing (except for toiletries; I had to shower and wash my hair and will re-dress in a moment). Still was fine. Went out and mowed the lawn, ran the weed whacker over the edges. Still fine.

So, I don't know. Going from "gee, I wonder if it's even a good idea for me to travel" yesterday morning to "I feel pretty much normal" today is amazing.  (Heh. I don't know if anyone was praying for me? Maybe Dana - who had volunteered to be my driver/caretaker if I needed surgery, and Sharon, the secretary, who I warned "if things get worse I might be out of commission for a couple weeks." If they did, it worked.) 

In a bit, after I dress and write out a graduation card (and check) for a young man I know from church, I'm going to run out to get a yogurt and piece of fruit for lunch - yes, I still want to eat as carefully as I can for a few days and slowly re-introduce richer food. But it's a relief to feel this much better, to feel like it's safe for me to drive the 2 1/2 hours to meet  the train, safe to spend overnight on a train (though generally: I felt worst first thing in the morning when I got up, and it got better over the course of the day). 

Anyway, I've got my projects and my books and the right kind of clothing (going to be hot up in Illinois, I hear) and my mom's birthday gifts, so I think I have everything. And my train will be on time, barring anything bad happening between Taylor, Texas and where I get on. 

Like I said: I have a couple embargoed posts and I may add a short thing or two from the road.

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