Thursday, July 15, 2021

Quilts, three stages

 The quilt I had still down at the quilter was done this week, and I decided it was best to get it (and pay her) before I went on break, so I went down there after lunch today and picked it up.

It's big, and I still need to bind it, so this is just a partial photo:

I have some pieces of the focus fabrics (they are all florals) left, so I think I'll piece a binding out of strips of those. The binding is more of a blue green and doesn't coordinate *perfectly*

you can just see the edge of it there.

I also have my other quilt she did with a binding machine sewn on, but not handsewn down. This takes a while to do and is best done with something absorbing to watch or read, it's just a lot of small careful whipstitching

I had a piece of fabric in similar colors and style to the prints in the front to use as a binding.

And then finally - I finished (a while back, actually), sewing the binding down on this one:

The pattern is called "Homebound," it's kind of a modification of the log cabin pattern, and like that, you can arrange the blocks differently; this is the layout I chose and I really like it.

It's a castle print (the blue fabric) and a Tula Pink one with hidden unicorns (the greenish and pink). The plainer pink is a "Grunge" - there are yellow and gray overtones to it

The unicorns are pretty well hidden but you can see one there

The quilting is a dragonfly design, it's a little hard to see here though (it was late in the day and the light was slanted wrong to really highlight the quilting

The backing is a celestial print, and for once I did a decent job of matching on the seam:

I did also run to the Ulta (I needed a particular cosmetic - sort of a BB cream - that I use, and I got a rice-based face mask because I'm having some skin issues - both a little acne (humidity) and I got a bit of poison ivy on my face, and I figured that might help dry it out) and the JoAnn fabrics. (I bought a big piece of a parakeet-print fabric with the idea of making my niece pillowcases for her birthday - she really likes birds and even has a couple parakeets). I also grabbed a few groceries I needed, so at least I got that "rat cage enrichment" I had been needing.

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