Monday, January 11, 2021

A little knitting

 Over the weekend I finished the "simple socks"

This is West Yorkshire Spinners' yarn in "Fairy Lights." It doesn't really show here but there is a tiny Stellina strand in it so they sparkle. (I am a sucker for yarns that sparkle). I had WANTED to finish these for Christmas, and then for Epiphany....but I don't knit as fast as I once did. 

I have several other pairs of socks I should also finish - a couple more complex ones and another pair that are just simple.

But I also started something new.

This is the "Clinkerbelle Cowl" (supposedly a "clinkerbelle" is a regional British term for an icicle; I am not sure I am convinced). I'm using a Life in the Long Grass dk weight yarn that I got on sale because I think it was the last skein....I think the colorway is called something like Jellybeans?

I'm not very far yet; the stitch pattern is an alternation of knit-plain rows (which go fast) and knit-purl patterning. 

I also have a couple hats I would like to start but I also feel like I should finish some of the ongoing things I have. 

But now classes have started, and I will be busier - and also, I have to be on campus by 8 every day given my teaching schedule, so I need to get to bed earlier - which means less knitting time in the evenings.

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