Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Couple uncommon ones

 I've posted most years about "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (which I like but is maybe a little too on the nose this year) and "The Christmas Song" (which, I don't care who wrote it or who else performed it, the original Nat King Cole version, as far as I am concerned, the ONLY version).

But a couple more-contemporary songs. The first one I first heard on some weird compilation CD I got as a premium somewhere (maybe from Bath and Body Works? Do they even still exist? I haven't been inside one in YEARS but I remember I used to love shopping there). I was reminded of it again because the outro music on this week's Bob's Burgers used the tune.

The lyrics are okay, though for me the fact that they end up as a stereotypical "meet cute" story like every Hallmark or Hallmark-knockoff holiday movie kind of detracts from it for me - where are the songs for those of us genuinely spending Christmas 100% alone, with no hope of running into the guy you've been pursuing for a year at the Stop And Shop because he forgot cranberries, too? Where's the REAL "Christmas by myself, this year" song?

But whatever. The tune slaps, as the cool kids say.

The other one - well, I know there are jokes about what happens when former Beatles tried to turn their hands to Christmas songs, but I still rather like this one, partly because of the slightly melancholy tone ("another year over..."). Apparently this has been covered by a number of people and it's a little hard to find the original version, which I tend to prefer

"Let's hope it's a good one, without any tears," indeed. 

Today is attempt 2 at getting milk and doing the bank thing, here's hoping it's more successful than yesterday. I also had something break (a fired-clay windchime I have had since I was literally six, and I can't bear to throw it out, and I've successfully glued it once before, so I have to pick up some superglue somewhere, my tube having dried up)

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