Friday, September 25, 2020

this is delightful

 One of the things I love is people who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a thing, when  they talk about it. These guys are musicians, they know more music theory than I ever will, and they're talking about "copycat" movie music:

(Confession: I know lots of people love John Williams but I always felt like he was a bit....overrated? And so I just feel a sort of salty delight over these guys showing all the "inspiration" he used)

their reactions are just the best, too. I laughed a lot of times at their surprise/delight over discovering the similarities. (Though in a comment, there is a note that Williams got permission from Korngold's estate for some of the similarities)

 I dunno. To me, this is evidence that "being smart/accomplished is cool" - they have fun with it,, they make it interesting and funny - like I said, their "oooh, this is SUSPICIOUS" reactions are funny.

They also did one for pop music - I already knew some of these.

(There are others, of course, most of the ones I know are older pop music because I kind of didn't pay as much attention to pop once I was out of high school)

(I also get the feeling these are the kind of people I would like to hang out with, their humor is very much like mine)

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