Monday, February 04, 2019

And yet, better...

My February Doki Doki crate came today. I haven't opened it yet - I have a little (homemade, cheese) pizza in the oven right now, but I will probably open it after dinner.

But the bigger better?

I may get my February 23rd back. I may have that day to take the day and go celebrate my birthday. Because it turns out one of the Honors' Day tasks is reading application letters *before the fact* and it seems to me there is no need for those who read and commented on the letters to be present ON THE DAY.

I'm not getting my hopes *too far* up - it could turn out we're expected to be there, or something. But that's a way I could serve and still have my day... maybe.

But: if it is correct and I could work on the letters during the week before the 23rd, and then have that day, well....

I still might ALSO take the 16th and go cash in my Ulta "birthday" coupon (for a free lipstick, I presume they give us a choice of colors) and also use the birthday coupon JoAnn's sent me. (Or maybe I go down that Friday afternoon, depending on how burnt out I am from that long week. The bonus would be a less-busy Ulta).

Even if I *don't* get the 23rd, I've pretty much made my peace with going on the 16th....and then maybe seeing if I can figure out some fun thing to do over spring break, up at my parents'.

Because yeah, I decided to go visit them for Spring Break. I had debated it - did I need to stay here and work? Or make plans for summer research? (I have a couple small ideas in mind). But then I decided: I need a break. I demonstrably get sad when I cannot get out of town - out of my own head - on a regular basis. And more importantly: when your parents are in their 80s, you visit them as often as you can.

The other good news in this? I had enough "Amtrak Rewards" points (from piling them up and not having used them) to get the trip FOR FREE. Totally FOR FREE, even with a roomette both ways.

I also figured out a birthday gift for my dad, who is notoriously hard to buy for....

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purlewe said...

I am glad you are going for Spring Break AND that it is free!!!