Tuesday, February 05, 2019

And more good

* Mid-morning, doing a bit of outlining for the eventual manuscript on my research-student's work, I thought, "You know, when I was out there bee-surveying in 2013, I don't remember seeing such low diversity."

Then I thought: wait, if you can find your data from then, you will have at least anecdotal evidence of the species present.

And I wondered: had I kept my field book? I usually do but for projects that go nowhere, sometimes I dump stuff. Then I vaguely remembered: didn't I transcribe all that into Excel at some point?

So I looked around a bit. Yup, I had. So five-year-old data of a project that wound up going nowhere might actually be useful now.

Sometimes, if I relax and let my ingenuity take over, I have good ideas.

* My Christmas cactus is blooming a LOT. I think this is it rewarding me for having repotted it last summer - it was very potbound and I moved it to a much larger container. It's grown some, and this year I've had six blooms already, and there are five or six more buds. It hadn't bloomed for several years prior to this.

* My Lehman's order came. "Hobbiton" (and name even used under license, nice) mint tea (too late, though, for lunch: my hazelnut tea was already brewing) and pickled baby corn.

And oh, it's so nice to have this as a snack option again, after years of not being able to find it easily

This is the face of someone* getting to eat pickled baby corn again after not having access to it for a while:

Yes, it has some salt, but not a lot, and for me it hits that "I need something sour" craving.(I don't like cucumber pickles, and at least some cucumbers - raw ones - set off my oral allergy syndrome). These also have that slight crispiness - I like pickled beets but they're not crisp in the same way (and you have to be careful not to spill them on you: beet juice stains)

I can always try the tea tonight: it's purely mint leaves so no caffeine.

(*Really it's like this:

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anita said...

It's horibbly inelegant, but I LOVE pickled beets and I usually just eat them out of the jar while standing over the sink. I justify this by pretending I'm worried about spills . . .