Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Maybe found "Beorc!"

A while back, someone posted on Twitter about a supposed Old-English dog name of "Beorc!" (which actually means something more like "birch" than "Bark!" but whatever).

I liked it, and threatened to name the next dog stuffie I got that.

Well, the Doki Doki crate that came yesterday (interestingly dog-themed, though not intentionally, I think: Pompompurin sockees, and a Pompompurin charm-to-go-on-your-backpack*, and a little notepad of "yeast-kun" which is a fusion of bread and Shiba Inu I guess.....and there was a packet of "seals" (like big stickers) of different chocolates).

And then this. The biggest thing and kind of crammed in the box:

It's a big squishy (the brand name is "Marshmall Park") shiba inu dog.

Almost perfectly square:

And remarkably big for the sort of stuffies that come in these crates - again, he would do excellent duty as an auxiliary pillow or a travel pillow (Though probably not washable, so not for prolonged use because of hair oils)

He also has a cutie mark:

I don't quite know yet if he is more of a "Beorc!" or more of a "Rhombus" (yes, a square is a rhombus). I admit I kind of like "Rhombus" for him.

Also, my shirt. This was another hilariously good Five Below purchase. I had to dig a good bit to find an XL one but I wanted one for a pajama top because it made me laugh:

(It says "Star Wars"  on the top of it in case you can't read given the distortion generated by boobage)

That is just so 70s-fabulous and I had to have it.  I think I'd be a little self-conscious about wearing it out in public because I really have only seen the three "original" (i.e., 1970s/early 80s) movies and not the pre-quels/sequels and I would be nervous about being "called" on being a "fake fan." (I did watch one of the pre-quels, not willingly, and I saw part of one of the recent ones - The Force Awakens, I think? My brother and sister-in-law were watching the dvd over Thanksgiving at my parents' place last year and I watched some of it - just the parts with Leia and Solo, really).

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CGHill said...

The three original Star Wars films remain the best; there's no compelling reason to see the others.