Friday, May 18, 2018

another "new friend"

A while back, one of the pony blogs I read (it might have been Ariana's blog) featured a plush Webbigail Vanderquack from the new Ducktales, and....

I was like *grabby hands*

I really really like the new Webby. Of all the character updates, she's the best one. The old Webby - from the 80s series - I remember as being sort of a prissy, "I'm gonna tell" girl - probably intended to be the voice of reason to the boys' schemes, but she was never much fun. And she seemed kind of babyish, especially given her appearance:

In the 2017 update, they made her more of a tween/young teen, gave her a sort of a pageboy:

They also changed her personality: now she's the weird kid, the one with a very specific set of knowledge and skills, full partner to the boys in their adventuring (and in fact, as prone as they are to trouble - in fact, Junior Woodchuck Huey tends to be more the voice of reason in the new series, which is a fun change-up). 

(It also helps that they have Kate Micucci voicing her; she is a good choice)

And I admit it: the weird geeky girl, the one who wants to run with the boys and share their adventures - in a lot of way that was me, circa age 11. (I had a few boys who were good friends; I probably got bullied less by the "mean boys" because of them. I don't think they could do anything against the "mean girls" though)

But anyway, I really liked Webby in the new series and was excited to learn there was a plush of her.  And so I wanted one. My usual go-to for this sort of thing (Amazon, because I have Prime) had them, but at a highish price (third-party seller) and they may have been out of stock? So I tried the Disney Store online and yup: about $10 less, and in stock. 

So I ordered one, and kept my fingers crossed that (a) it would either come before I leave Sunday or (b) would be via USPS so it would be held for me.

Well, both happened as it turned out. (For ONCE, "SmartPost" actually worked pretty fast - I think this took four days?)

And here she is!

One thing about a lot of the recent Disney plush - Judy Hopps has the same oddity - is the "giant head, tiny body" arrangement. It's....okay? I guess? I would prefer a more proportional toy but whatever, I have a stuffed Webby now.

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