Friday, May 18, 2018

Don't know what

So, last night, I went to bed more or less at the normal time, was asleep for a while. I woke up just about midnight, and was pretty sure I heard a "BO-BOOM!"

Sometimes I wake up THINKING I heard something but don't know for sure. This time I was pretty sure.

And here's how I'm still not over that thing that happened in January with the guy (who was apparently the perp in a domestic-abuse case) pounding on my back door: in the past I probably would have gone "car door" and sort of shrugged and went back to sleep.

But now, I thought "wait, what is someone is breaking in, or trying to?"

And I thought: "What would I do? I have no way to defend myself...I have books, could throwing books at an intruder buy me time?" (probably not). I listened hard. No other sounds.

But I got up anyway. Turned on the kitchen light, didn't hear anything. Looked around, everything seemed secure.

No idea what the sound was. There were thunderstorms off to the west of Ardmore so perhaps it could be a stray clap of thunder, I don't know.

But I'll be glad when I get over that dude to the point where I can sleep past noises without having to get up and check again.

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