Monday, April 09, 2018

And it progresses

The guy is off to get some parts (I think he said it was for extending the gas line to the new heater) but it actually looks like I have a prayer of having hot water again today. I grabbed a couple quick photos (and put the new plate on the outlet - the old one was broken and I bought a new one even though you can't really see the outlet).

This is a bad photo of the new tankless heater. The plumber took out all the goofy mess of code-update jerryrigging the previous plumber had to put in for the tank:

new tankless

And what caught my attention and made me grab my camera? There is even OLDER AND FUNKIER wall paper underneath the old, funky 1970s esque paper that is the outermost layer:

funky paper

It's kind of Mondrian-esque and I wonder if it dates back to shortly after this place was BUILT (1946, the best I can determine).

I love this kind of archaeology - this is the oldest house I've ever lived in and while there are a lot of drawbacks (having to jerry-rig stuff, for example, and stuff not being up to code), still, sometimes you stumble across something kind of cool.

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Lynn said...

That is so cool. I love old wallpaper. On one of the renovation and decorating shows on HGTV the guy saved a piece of the old wallpaper and framed it.