Monday, April 09, 2018

Hot water again

Awwwww yiss.

The guy finished up about 20 minutes ago. I paid him, he handed over the owner's manual. The new unit is very snazzy, it has a digital display and he says I can easily change the temperature if I want to (it is on 120 F, which seems hot enough for me, so I will probably leave it). He also noted there was no need to turn it down when I'm away from home, and in fact, I could even unplug it if I wanted to (and plug it back in) if I were gone for a v. long time. (I might, as a safety measure, I don't know)..

But yes. First real shower in a week plus. I now feel like I smell like "myself" again, which is ironic because the "myself" I feel I should smell like smells like cupcake batter instead of my own perspiration but....hey, I am a decadent person in some ways.

But yes. Shower.

I may look like that, but while in the shower I felt a little like this:

And yes, I have CWF tonight, so I will have to dress again though I suspect there's not really a need for make up.

(I do have to move the quilts back to the guest room, and probably do a load of underwear on hot - now that I can - and practice piano, but I can probably fit all that in)

And he charged me exactly what they quoted, even though he did a couple additional things (for one: he sent me out to get new intake hoses for the washer, he said the old ones were nearly worn out and it would be easy to change them out when he had pulled the washer out). And he did a good job with the venting.

And....hmmm....there might be enough room to put a few shelves up on the OTHER (opposite) closet wall for canned goods, so maybe I get a wee tiny pantry out of this too. I don't know.


CGHill said...

I run around 140ยบ, on the basis that it seems like it's almost, but not quite, too hot.

purlewe said...

I am excited you might get some shelves in there too. What a great idea!