Saturday, November 18, 2017

the tree photos

I finally had time (and was in the right headspace*) to photograph the tree

(*I figure: my dad's going to come home EVENTUALLY. If he isn't home for Thanksgiving, it might actually be more comfortable for him from the standpoint of not being in an overflowing house with a dog and two cats (tripping hazard) and an active small child. I mean, the food thing will stink, but my mom said she'd freeze some of the Thanksgiving food and keep it for when he got home. If he isn't home. He might well be if they figure some way to get him more mobile quickly and if the muscle takes a turn for the better. I've decided at this point hoping he's home for Christmas is probably the best to hope for, and just be overjoyed if they get it sorted earlier.)

(Edited to add, about 8 pm: My mom just called. There's more than half a chance, it sounds like, they'll send my dad home on Monday, he's showing some improvement in mobility and pain. That would be a huge relief and would make Thanksgiving a lot nicer. Also, my brother and his family decided not to bring the cats. The dog is still coming but he's no problem: he's well behaved and big enough not to pose the kind of trip hazard a small cat might.

I'm hoping the improvement continues so my dad DOES get to come home. I won't know for sure until I get up there because if he's released, it will be when I'm already on the road, but....I'll find out when I get there. I also reminded my mom I could do any necessary marketing and also to much of the prep-cooking (pies and stuff like cranberry sauce) on Wednesday....)

Anyway. Here's the whole tree:

whole tree

And some of the individual ornaments. These are a mix of old and new. Most of the new ones (the silver icicles, the glittery pinecones, the sheep and other fiber animals, and the vintagey red-and-green glass) are from Target. The rest have been acquired various places over the years.

tree top

Treetop angel. I've had this for years. No, I did not crochet it - it came from one of the big box craft stores, so probably someone in China or the Philippines made it. (Somewhere my mom has one either she or her mom made. We don't use it any more because we have another one - I might see if she'd be willing to part with it because one someone in my family made would have more meaning.)

lots of ornaments

Just a bunch of ornaments, a mix of old and new. A lot of the old ones are the really small ones because my old tree was like 3 1/2 feet tall.

Rarity, snoopies, shark

The sequinned hammerhead shark, and also my Rarity ornament, and the Snoopy gingerbread house (that one came from the Hallmark).


Another Hallmark ornament: this is Moondancer, in her G1 form. I *think* this is the only G1 representation among Hallmark ornaments; maybe they will do more. (Or do a G3 Minty, who would be pretty perfect as a Christmas ornament)

Good Ol' Eeyore

Eeyore and a bison from the Target (they had several ornaments of "fiber animals" though I don't know if that was the intention - I have a llama, a musk ox or yak (hard to tell) and this guy)

I've had the Eeyore FOREVER - as long as I've been putting up a tree on my own.


And my other sequinned sea creature: a narwhal. Along with one of the anthropomorphic sheep from Target.

Fluttershy and Luna

Fluttershy and (not so visible) Luna. The only one of the Main Six I lack is Applejack - I know there is an ornament of her out. I don't know if they made one of Celestia but I'd want that one too, if it were available.

Pinkie, Rudolph, RD, Pusheen

Rudolph (another Hallmark ornament) and Rainbow Dash and you can see Pinkie peeking out from behind a tiny Hello Kitty. (Twilight is also on the tree but I guess I didn't get her in any photos).


And a few more. The rabbit was a gift from an aunt and uncle a few years ago (before everyone decided to quit doing the "gifts to grown adult kids" thing)

And I'm glad now I bought a "big" tree, and I'm glad I decorated it WEDNESDAY night - before the whole kerfuffle with my dad; Thursday night I might have got half through it and just not felt like doing more.

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anita said...

Your tree is lovely! Just the kind we always had, with lots of various old/new ornaments from everywhere. I haven't been able to have one for a couple of years now—kitten in the house, but Leo is older now and MIGHT behave this year. In any case, I think I'm going to get an artificial tree this year, just in case. (I've always had a live one, but I'm just not up to it any more, plus it would be difficult to dispose of since I'm out of the city and my trashman doesn't do recyclables. I have to take them to the dump.)