Saturday, November 18, 2017

Comedy of errors

If I get my second exam written after lunch, maybe I work up the motivation to photograph the tree.

But this morning, oy.

I'm on communion duty this month (with another person; she did last week and will do next week). We had run out of the disposable plastic cups that we use (yes, disposable, but that means less concern about communicable diseases and also they are much LIGHTER).

I was expecting the secretary would get more. By the time I was down there this morning, she had not. I assumed that meant one of two things: something came up at home and she couldn't, or they could not be obtained locally. But I decided to try the Christian supplies shop just in case. Called them: no answer. Okay, fine, they're just downtown.So I drove down there.

And met with an empty storefront.

Yup, even the Christian-supplies shop has left us.

I didn't want to drive out to wal-mart on the random chance they had them (there are a few craft projects that call for such a thing). I really didn't want to drive to Sherman, where there is a Lifeway that would have them.

The other option was to use the old glass cups - which are heavier and have to be washed and sterilized after use. And are harder to fill without making a mess.

I tried calling the secretary's cell phone - no answer. Called her husband at home. He said "Yes, she got more bread...." but didn't mention cups so I figured those were not available. (He also said the Christian-supplies shop has moved, but I don't know).

So I figured, I was on my own.

I wound up having to wash the glass cups - they had been stored in a sealed container but were extremely dusty. I washed about 65. (we had a few plastic cups left, but not enough). Also washed the trays because no one else had for a while, apparently.

It took a while.

And filling the glass cups - there's more splashing and mess. I finally got it done.

And returned home to a message from the secretary: she had the cups but "time got away" from her and was bringing them down that moment.

So, yeah.

I did all that work for nothing.
And I'm probably gonna get complained at for the "too heavy" glass cups. And I may wind up having to be the one to wash and sterilize them.

Normally the secretary is a "have things done well before time" person so I assumed the absence of cups meant they were unobtainable. Oh well.

On the upside, the KnitPicks order I made came. I might take the new Felici I bought along for socks, and just cast on and knit simple socks: if my dad is still in the hospital, I expect at least one long day up there visiting, and will want something like simple knitting.

But yeah. I'm tired of things being such a mess. I want things to go smoothly for a while.

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