Monday, July 24, 2017

Scarf is done!

I finished the Gamekeeper Scarf (aka the Hagrid scarf) last night. I had a tiny bit of yarn left over, but I was able to complete all the repeats. (it's a little shorter than I thought it would be - not TOO short, though) I even checked; I did the full five repeats of each pattern.

Photos will come later; my plan for after I get home this afternoon is to wet-block it (if I can find my blocking wires, all the better, that will make it easier. If not, I can use pins.)

I'm glad to have this done and it motivates me to try to finish more stuff - I do think I'm going to pull out the Hagrid sweater that I've been working on since, like, 2013, and finally try to finish it. And then maybe finish the Rosa Rubiginosa socks (I have the first sock nearly done....). I also need to dig in various storage bags - I know I have Starbuck partially finished somewhere, and a scarf made out of a sparkly yarn, and some bison socks I have to knit on in small doses because the yarn is "hard" and bothers my hands (and I HOPE after they're done and I wash them it softens, or I might wind up having to give them away to someone with less hive-prone feet)

I also have a partially-finished "Sockhead" hat I don't want any more, that I could finish up and put aside for when the fall/winter calls for charity knits start up. (And I still want to make a few for the Hats for Sailors program, if that's still going - this one isn't 100% wool, which they request, so it wouldn't be appropriate for there)

I also think I want to press off that quilt top I was talking about (the one with the Mary Engelbreit fabrics) and get it over to Lulu and Hazel's this week.


Another weird dream; I only remember part of it: One of my old childhood friends (with whom, in the real world, I have been out of touch since 1982 or so), was, in the context of my dream, still my friend. And we were, I guess, younger? Maybe like in our 20s? And we were going "out" like young people do*

(*I am not a young person any more and I was never young in the way of wanting to go barhopping)

Anyway, we were somewhere like New Orleans (I have never been to New Orleans): older city, slightly gritty vibe that I found romantic when I was in my 20s and would find uncomfortable now, vague Euro-style history (like French). We were going into a bar sort of place that was accessed by a long flight of very steep wooden stairs (and then more stairs, after a stop at a landing to be carded).

And as we were going up the stairs, she turned to me and said, "Try to have a PERSONALITY this time, unlike usual" and when I woke up I was like "what? Former friend, why are you dragging me in my dream?" but I don't know.

(I think I have a personality. Just, maybe, not the kind that would have rendered me popular with a bar-crowd of 20-somethings but I am okay with that)

(I'm fairly sure that thing came from something I read or watched - maybe the Lady Felicia/Mrs. McCarthy ongoing sniping in Father Brown? - than anything I actually experienced recently)

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