Monday, July 24, 2017

and it's blocking

It's always a good day when you can block a finished project.

After coming home, doing a short workout, finishing my piano practice, and doing some brushcutting (bulky waste pickup day is next Wednesday - I thought it was this Wednesday, but whatever, and I wanted to get some stuff cleared out of my yard)....then I fixed dinner.

At first, I thought I wasn't gonna block it because the neighbors were in their house with their stereo going (and set on 12 - that's one more than 11) and I could hear it in MY house through my walls, my closed windows, the roughly 10' of airspace between houses, the walls and closed windows of their house....and it was really annoying. (there is something about that fuzzy, just-audible bass that is super bothersome to me)

But then I decided to do it.

scarf blocking

I couldn't find my blocking wires - they were not where I remembered where they were last, I will have to look for them but didn't have the energy to do it tonight, so I just used pins instead. (I suspect using sewing pins for blocking dulls them. I should probably keep these as "blocking only" pins and get a new set for sewing only)

A close-up of the patterns (I'd say 'with foot for scale' but I really just didn't realize it was in the shot). It's a little hard to see all of them (other than the lace one) with the flash:


There's a knit/purl pattern ("Maze"), a lace pattern ("Aragog"), and a cabled pattern ("Shaggy beard"), so the scarf is a bit of sampler.

sampler, no flash

This photo is darker but I think you can see the other stitch patterns better in it. 

It'll probably take a day or two to dry- it's been pretty humid. (each of those blocking segments is about a foot long, so I guess it's a 7' scarf, which is probably a good length - for a "big wrap around" scarf you want something longer than you are tall and I am just over 5 1/2 feet).

This was an Imperial Yarns yarn, a two-ply worsted, bought at the late lamented knit shop in town (so I've had it for close on to two years). I don't know if it's a color Imperial doesn't do any more for this yarn, it's not on their website - it's sort of a peach color.

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purlewe said...

It looks lovely! And I am so glad you are blocking it. I went to look at finished scarves and was really saddened that folks don't block and I couldn't really see the patterns. Yours looks lovely and it will be a great scarf for someone. Is it for you??