Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday midday things

* One of the reasons I love the congregation I belong to is that not only to we commiserate with people having trouble, we celebrate good things. Our county DA won and award (she is a member of the congregation) and it was announced and we applauded for her. And we sang happy birthday to someone celebrating his 87th birthday.

* Another interesting thought - the minister was talking about rejection (the scripture was from Matthew 10 - about the idea of leaving a house where you're not welcome to find one where hospitality was extended; the larger idea being, at that point, time felt short enough that it was not recommended they keep pushing to evangelize those who would not here). And he mentioned there are two kinds of rejection: hostility and indifference.

I never thought about that before, but it's right. I've experienced a lot of rejection (mostly by peers) in my life. I think you do notice the hostility kind more - I have often told myself, that with what COULD have been indifference, "Well, maybe they're having a bad day." Or: "Maybe they didn't hear me." Or: "That joke I made wasn't as funny as I thought."

But then again, the indifference kind can be more insidious: is the person purposefully ignoring you to slight you, or is something else merely going on in their lives? At my best, I can chalk stuff up to "something else merely going on" but I wonder how many misunderstandings of the sort of "wow, that person is really needy" are because someone interprets another person's "something else is going on" as "this person is actively ignoring me to slight me."

But yeah. The hostility kind, I've experienced it, and it hurts. Then again, so does the indifferent-bordering-on-hostility kind, where the person is MOSTLY being indifferent to you, but they're making it VERY clear that they hear you but are ignoring you.

And once again: I wonder how much of our modern craziness can be laid at the feet of people feeling unheard. I know I can see it in myself even though I've never done anything extreme like e-mailing/private-messaging someone fifty times* because I felt ignored, or I haven't dyed my hair bright fuchsia to get people to notice me, or acted out in other ways (Again: I have known women who, shall we say, took some extreme risks with their personal/sexual health because they felt ignored)

(*If anything, I fall too far on the side of "Surely they got my earlier e-mail even though I haven't heard back" and there have been cases of people going "Why did you never e-mail me?" and it turns out I did, but they didn't see it, or it got accidentally deleted, or something)

* I went out really early this morning to water. Partly because I was concerned about the plots having gone unwatered yesterday (I did not really need to be; they still looked OK) but also because it was less hot. But yeah, I felt a lot better for getting that done early on.

(In a few minutes, I need to do a short workout. I'm not eating lunch until later because it was after 8 am when I ate breakfast -the watering led to everything being pushed back).

It's really hot. We are in our typical summer pattern: hot, humid, no rain, not even really clouds, and it's kind of miserable. It's the unrelentingness of it that's so bad - it doesn't even really cool down overnight, which I know I've said before is one of the things that still surprises me about here (remembering my childhood in Ohio where it cooled down to a nice temperature overnight, and even during the hottest part of summer, it was still cool overnight and first thing in the morning).

* Next week I have no demands on my time outside of the work stuff and that feels nice. It was nice to get out to Henry V, and it was good to do Meals on Wheels, but it's also nice to have a week when it's just my work for a change. (And I can go home at the end of the day, work out (or do yardwork) and relax and do what I want.

I'm going to try to finish the Hagrid Scarf today, and I think the next "gonna finish it" is going to be the Hagrid sweater - I have part of a sleeve and the finishing left to do. But yeah, I like the idea of just going through all my project-storage bags and blowing out what I have hanging around, and then getting to start some new stuff when I do. (I was out of row-counters, and I figure that's my limit: when all of those are in use, that means I have too many projects going).

It's too hot right now to sew - my sewing room is at the end of the chain of vents and it also gets a lot of sun, so I think I'm going to wait a bit to do more. I'm also debating seeing if I could take my machine in Saturday for a spa day in Savoy....and then maybe take Wednesday (when it should be done) to pick it up. I will have to call them to check on scheduling but if that's possible, I probably should do it NOW before I get too busy to be able to drive the 40 minutes or whatever it is.

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