Wednesday, July 26, 2017

comedy of errors

So, one of my summer tasks is to arrange for disposal of certain chemicals, mostly from Soils. This is a pain in the neck, because they are all proprietary formulas and figuring out the proper disposal mode is tricky - you have to read every single MSDS sheet for the chemicals in a reaction, and disposal is as per the most hazardous one.

So, okay. Went and got the binder of MSDS sheets we had.

Except. Someone ELSE (not me) had volunteered several years ago to arrange them. I trusted this person to do it right. I have gone through ONE test and found that a reagent's MSDS was missing. Which means we are in violation of OSHA, for one thing, and for another, it means I get to play clean-up (figuratively AND literally) on this - so I am searching all the MSDS sheets. Luckily, Lamotte makes it easy - they have their own specific-to-their-tests MSDS search engine.


Went to print the sheets out for the first chemical. Printer was out of paper (OF COURSE)
Then, after refilling it, I went to three-hole-punch the sheets - well, the three-hole-punch in that room is broken, but was just left there, broken, apparently because we don't have money to replace it, and a broken three-hole punch is apparently better than none at all? So, raging, I went down and borrowed the one from the main office.

I am now VERY tempted to make a separate binder of SOILS MSDS SHEETS just because I am having to print so very many of these new for my purposes. And the binder is already pretty full. But this whole thing, how everything becomes a chain of additional tasks because we're underfunded/lacking equipment/stuff gets broken and never replaced/we can't hire people to do these jobs so profs get to shoehorn them in to the other stuff they do.

And I raged a bit on Twitter. For one thing: if I ever become wildly rich, I am endowing this building with
a. A stapler for every room and a supply of staples
b. A three hole punch for every room faculty use.

A and B will be chained to the wall with strong chains (bigger than what the pens at the post office have, but a similar concept)

c. GOOD paper towels that actually absorb stuff, and enough for each lab
d. Sufficient glassware detergent for every lab (we make do with dish-detergent we personally buy)
e. Proper, fully-stocked first aid kits PLUS someone whose job it is to refill them as needed. (Again: I had to buy more band-aids for them when I found we were embarrassingly short on them)

And you know? I thought of Casey at the Bat for some reason, and how "somewhere the sun is shining, and somewhere hearts are light...." and came up with this (Forgive the one slightly harsh word):

O, somewhere in this favored land, labs are properly filled
There's a stapler in every room, paper towels for every spill...
...and somewhere professors don't rage and throw things, and students don't have to duck
But not in Oklahoma, because our funding sucks.

Yeah. Not happy this afternoon.

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