Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I gave up

Shortly before 3:30, our internet sludged up and about half the time the site would time out instead of retrieving the MSDS sheet I wanted, and I just couldn't any more.

Also, I kept hearing what I thought were firecrackers going off. I called campus police and they said they'd send someone out to check, but then on the way out I stopped off at a colleague's office. He is a former Army Ranger, and would know such things, and I saw him walking out when I first heard the "firecrackers."

He said it was probably some small-caliber firearm being shot off.

which is not cool, for a couple reasons:
a. Illegality: we are within city limits, you're not supposed to fire a gun unless it's a MAJOR emergency on the par of a rabid dog coming down the street

b. Proximity of apartments where people, you know, LIVE, and where there are kids who might be playing outdoors

c. Proximity to a street that has become, with the closure of that part of First for the bridge replacement, a major thoroughfare. (And, look you: I was very nervous driving home along that street, and figured I'd see, if I got shot dead driving home, if I could get Special Permission to haunt whoever it was prematurely ended my life.)

So, yeah. I'm kind of cranky right now, partly from the heat, partly from circumstances.

ETA: Well, I did one useful thing today:

peace, man

I ironed the patch I bought Saturday onto my field pants. (It was too stiff to sew on so I followed the instructions exactly for ironing it on. We'll see how it holds up when I wash these...)

it's hard to photograph your own knee. 

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