Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Before heading over

It is incredibly sticky and nasty and humid out there. We are under a heat advisory until....well, I don't know at this point, they keep pushing back the time when it's set to end. We might get a  'cool front' (in name only) this weekend; so I guess we lose it then.

I tried to do my workout this morning (40 minutes on the cross country ski exerciser which is really the minimum for it to be worth anything) and I could only do 30 minutes. I felt like I couldn't get air all the way into my lungs. (And so now, I have the Hobson's choice - I have a check up coming up, do I just NOT EAT between now and then, or do I push myself extra hard to try to burn off a few of the calories I take in? I hate being middle-aged, I hate that I could eat nothing but three spinach leaves a day and still maintain my weight).

My allergies are also bad. I've been sneezing more than my normally do. (And unlike Fluttershy, my sneezes are NOT graceful. I can make them more suppressed if people are around, but by myself, I don't really care). And my throat is scratchy.


I kind of have  a case of the "dunwannas" today. I do have to go in to water the field plots, but I suppose if I just get too burnt out trying to sit at my desk, I could take the rest of the day off. (At some point I have to get back to the Ulta; I am almost out of one or two things. Though I was thinking of doing that Friday).

I think one of the things that is distressing me is I "suddenly" have a whole other galaxy of news items I have to care about (to the extent of understanding well enough to talk about them) - there was a news item I saw this morning about the state's Corporation Commission is investigating oil and wastewater spills in the past 3 years, and my normal reaction would be, "Man, that's a shame that that much was spilled" and move on, but now, I find myself going "You need to look into the details of this. You need to insert it into either your Clean Water or Land Use lectures and it just makes me tired.


I did pull out the Hagrid sweater last night. And I do have to say, that's one of things I love about knitting (well, also about other needlecrafts: quilting and piecing tend to be the same way): you can leave a project for months or more, and, provided you left good-enough notes (or can 'read' your knitting), you can come back to it and pick it right back up. I'm probably within 20 rows of being done with this, but the bad news is it can take 1/2 hour to do three rows (at least judging from last night) - it's lots of fancy stitches and some cabling. But my next "finish it" goal is this. And then from there, I don't know - maybe a couple of the simpler projects. Then I get to start something new!

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purlewe said...

I have quite a few "not done" projects that are just sitting around. Every once in awhile I get a gumption to finish a bunch, which is nice. I do love being able to pick something up and finally finish it, but I also like the call of the new. Congrats on getting some things done (or closer to done)!