Monday, June 12, 2017

this is interesting

The former Winn-Dixie (which was a Nichols') has been bought by Pruett's Foods.

Apparently this is going to be an upgrade. The women were talking about it at CWF tonight. Apparently some of them shop at the one in Atoka, making the drive for similar reasons that I make the drive to Sherman for Kroger's.

I'm hopeful about this. Several people commented that their produce was very nice, which is a big thing for me - I've complained on here about how the wal-mart seems to be slow to put produce out and it's approaching spoiled by the time it's on the sales floor.

So, I hope what the women were talking about is true.

I also heard a rumor that a new grocery was coming to Caddo, which is a lot closer to me than Sherman is, but that was less-substantiated.

But oh, how nice it would be to have a nice, relatively-newly-renovated grocery store here that is NOT the wal-mart.

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CGHill said...

It's not on their map yet, but it's listed in the store directory: 1231 North Washington.