Tuesday, June 13, 2017

smol bean alert

Yeah, more G1 baby ponies. What can I say? I am totally in love with these as a toy concept. These two came from Ogreberry Cottage on etsy.

First up is Baby Sunribbon - a rainbow baby pony. (Apparently rainbow ponies were a whole subline, where they had rainbow-gradient hair instead of one- or two-color hair. I guess that lives on in today's Rainbow Dash):

That gives you an idea of how small these "smol beans" are.

Sunribbon is a very light blue - like, Rainbow Dash blue, maybe even a bit less intense than that.

I think I have more of the babies now than of the adults, but honestly, when I'm browsing 'round Etsy, it's more likely a baby pony that will randomly grab my heart than one of the adult ones - there are a few of the adult ones I want (though probably will never have, because some of them seem to be Grail Ponies for collectors who are richer/more willing to spend than I)

The second one is yet another First Tooth baby pony - Baby Quackers. (There is also an adult Quackers, I don't know if there was an adult Sunribbon*)

See her tooth?

(*And I do think I remember reading that it was some kind of mirror-magic that produced the baby-ponies-that-were-essentially-clones of the adults. But given that the world of Ponies - both the current generation and the earlier ones - were so heavily skewed female, perhaps some kind of parthenogenesis-like reproduction was necessary. And, of course, that handwaves away any uncomfortable questions from children still too young to be told the birds and bees)

And actually - the idea of Rainbow Dash being the spiritual descendant of the Rainbow Ponies....maybe there are some other elements of G1 that have been quietly brought into G4. Because after all, what are the Crystal Empire ponies but a sort of Glitter Pony? And of course Spike was in the G3 movies, and he may have been in G1. And even some of the villains (Tirek) and other incidentals (Smooze) were adopted from G1.  We have yet to see a twinkle-eye version or a twice-as-fancy, but....there's still part of season 7, and a movie, and it's hinted there might be a season 8.

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