Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday afternoon random

* Annual eye checkup today. It took far longer than I anticipated (I didn't get over here - I mean, to work - until after lunch, but that was partly because I also took time to make my salad for the CWF salad supper this morning)

I am assuming either they were really heavily booked, or my doctor had to deal with an emergency - I had to wait a long time for him after the nurse/tech got done with the initial tests (eye pressure and all of that).

The good news is my eyes are very healthy. My prescription has not changed so I get to keep my current glasses, which is good because (a) I like them and (b) it saves me money. The scans of my retinas looked good, not even any apparent damage from having high blood pressure.

So, thus far, all my medical stuff (regular doctor, gyn, eye doctor) have pronounced me healthy. (My gyn commented that "Yup, you're normal" after looking at all my numbers and doing the exam.)

* It's suddenly got very hot and humid here. Highs in the 90s and the dewpoint right now is something like 68 F, which is honestly kind of miserable and even with air conditioning in the house AND my new dehumidifier running, I have to really push hard to get through a workout.

I am contemplating shifting my schedule once again: training myself to get up a bit earlier (I woke up slightly after 5 this morning and just got up), eating breakfast earlier, and then once that's settled, doing my exercise in the morning. Because it means I can stay over here later in the day without worrying about running into my fixing-dinner-time or anything, and I MIGHT have slightly better "wind" early in the morning right after taking my anti-asthma pill.

Also, it just feels good to get that kind of thing out of the way early on. ("Do the task you like least first and the rest of the day goes better")

* I checked out Deva by Cammy. Nice! Lots of the old Deva favorites are still there, and the prices aren't outrageous. I had been wearing my old "Edwardian pajamas" set (though apparently by mistake I ordered a button-front, man-styled* top instead of the camisole type top) and it was getting a little worn - so I decided to try out the "reincarnation" of Deva Lifewear and I ordered a set of them in rose. They do note that some of the stuff has to be made when you order it, so it may take some weeks, but that's fine with me.

(*Man-styled, in that the buttons are on the opposite side from a woman's blouse).

I dunno. I just kind of like the idea of those pajamas. They may be a trifle warm for our summers (longer "bottoms") but once fall comes, they should work well.

(I tend to "sleep hot" and except for the very coldest winter nights usually use something like shorts and a t-shirt as pajamas).

* Thinking about projects again.

I pulled out some yarn I bought long ago - Big Twist acrylic in salmon and turquoise (I know, but they sort of work) and started on the Elinor Dashwood pony I wrote about eons ago - this is a crochet pony that was in a dream I had - yes, a ponified version of the Austen character. I don't know why. But I decided I wanted to make it, and bought the yarn, and then I thought about it again over the weekend (I think the chain of thinking was: "Hey, this new Disney cartoon based on "Tangled" - apparently it is set in some weird interstitial time after Rapunzel returns to the castle but before she and Eugene marry? - isn't half bad." Followed immediately by, "Wow, I should make a ponified Rapunzel (lavender like her dress, with green eyes and long blonde mane and tail)" Followed by, "Wait, you have yarn put aside for that Elinor Dashwood pony you never made")

I started it. I might not have QUITE enough of the salmon yarn, I fear - it's going to be very close. However, apparently JoAnn's still has some in stock so if I get enough progress on her this week to judge, I could pick up another skein if needed this coming weekend.

Alternate plan: do the legs in white with some kind of shoe-colored hoof, and then make her a dress to wear (so the legs are like "stockings"). Though that's not my original plan and I'm not sure how you'd make a Regency dress for a four-footed creature. (I do plan on making a bonnet for her to wear, at least, but I can do that of felt.)

I also FINALLY found my copy of "The Happy Hooker" - I had misfiled it on a shelf with knitting books. So I think I should dig out the long-stalled "test pattern blanket" and try to finish it. I know I have all the yarn together and all the squares I had made (though also, I might look at the colors again, I know I had to "compromise" on some of them, and if I can find better shades, I might just buy and re-start those colors, I don't know.

I also probably need to just have a stalled-project blowout this summer and finish the stuff I have hidden away in bags different places - already have started that with the Scottish Thistle shawl.

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