Friday, June 23, 2017

and another pony

Better photos will come tomorrow when I have more energy and time, but I finally finished the Elinor Dashwood-themed pony.

The manestyle took a bit of figuring out: in the end I did long stitches to make the "flat" (pulled-back) part of the hair, and then braided a bun and attached it, and crocheted six corkscrew curls for the side curls. And I made rooted-in bangs, because I decided she needed bangs.

The manestyle might be a bit more early-Victorian than Regency, but oh well. I still like it:

She also has three thicker corkscrews for her tail. (I would have used that method had I decided to crochet my own Rarity rather than buying a pre-made one; I think that would have worked well. The corkscrews take a while to do but there is something pleasing about them.

I wound up using brown for her eyes. Green seemed not to work, gray didn't work, I didn't want blue, and even the "odd" colors (some ponies have lavender or even pinkish eyes) didn't work, but the brown seems okay.

It is hard to tell the true colors in webcam shots - she is a peach color with turquoise mane and tail - hopefully that will show better in the photos I take tomorrow.

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