Friday, June 23, 2017

that's a nope

Decided to postpone the Sherman trip after coming over here and watering my research plots. It's currently (not quite 10 am) 82 F (28 C) and a 73 F (23 C) dewpoint. The "feels like" temperature is 87 F but it sure feels hotter out.

It was oppressive. Oppressive is the best way to describe any dewpoint above about 65 F. It wasn't so bad while I was watering, but getting the hose out and putting it back was bad, because:

a. It's inside a locked fence with a heavy gate where you have to do a bit of manipulation to open and lock.

b. It's 200' of hose that has to be fed out through a gap in the fence (the gate, of course, is on the other side)

c. The hose has to be unrolled, and then rolled back up

d. And even if I weren't the sort of person who puts away stuff they are borrowing, I'd do it here, because my colleague whose hose it is warned me that stuff that's not inside the fence has a way of "walking away." (which is awful but that is kinda life here: there are places where there are just permanent "garage sales" and the assumption is that at least some of them is stuff that's been picked up via five-finger discount. That's what people told me when I had a $10 sprinkler stolen from my yard and I just thought it was silly that someone would steal a sprinkler - but I guess a free sprinkler you could sell for maybe $3 is $3 profit).

I said many unladylike words while rolling up the hose.

So I'm going to just go home, do my piano practice (changing clothes first; I now have a pair of "fieldwork pants" and a couple of "fieldwork t-shirts" I can just wear a few times to do this between washings). If I feel up to it later I'll do a workout but now I'm wondering how much of that half-hour or so of wrestling a hose in the heat I could count as exercise.

I never did finish the Elinor pony - she lacks one side curl and I need to do her face and cutie mark, so that's probably my activity for part of today.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler and it might even rain in the morning (please God because then I won't need to water) so I think I'll go shopping THEN. It's Pony Hiatus so I won't really miss anything by not watching, and if it DOES rain so I don't have to take the 45 minutes or whatever to water (and then change out of grubby clothes) I can leave all the earlier.

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