Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Good news, everybody

It turns out that there was no bodywork required on my car; they were able to put the new headlight in.

But, wow. It took an hour and a half and if I had known I might have got someone to drive me back home, I'm behind on the cleaning I wanted to do today.

The mechanic did warn me that the clip that holds the blinker bulb in was "slightly broken," but to fix it would require a bigger part (the electrical harness? I think he said) and it would cost more and take more time to fix. He did say, "If the bulb joggles loose when you hit a bump, you can just push it back in after the headlight's had a chance to cool down." So we'll see. I don't know how big a bump it would take - our roads are chewed up so I expect I'll have to do it occasionally for as long as I have this car.

At one point I was alarmed, I looked over and saw the car up on the rack and thought, "Oh hells, did they find some damage down below that I'm going to have to go to a body shop for?" but it turns out they just do an all-points inspection every time you bring it in, and that's what they were doing.

Also.....the size 3 circular needle I was knitting La Grasse Matinee with BROKE. So I have to try to recover that whole thing at some point, lots of picking up of stitches (self: it is on round 41 just in case you lost your row counter, and you did only the very first increase).

I'm gonna have to deal with it before Friday as I give an exam then....I hope I have another size 3 circular. (If I don't....maybe I just begin ANOTHER simple sweater.)

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