Wednesday, March 01, 2017

And it's March

Today is the traditional "mid-semester assessment testing*" day - and in the spring, all my classes get cancelled, not just the morning ones.

(*My inner 12-year-old wishes to remind you that you cannot spell "assessment" without A-S-S-E-S)

So I'm taking today to clean my house, and I don't know, run my car out to the dealership IF the headlight came in (It did not yesterday as promised, so it better come today.)

The house needs it badly but that might just occupy the morning (I got a start on the kitchen this weekend).

I also had a shelf set I purchased arrive and I found out (a) it's a lot more involved to assemble than I thought and (b) it's a lot heavier than I thought. I might put it up today - it's going in my bedroom (but NOT over the head of my bed, not if the weird wall-anchors let loose or we have an earthquake). I *think* I am going to put the Monster High dolls on it (when I get it up on the walls) but I do still need to figure out something better than "the tops of my 7' tall bookshelves" for my Ponies.

But for now - putting stuff away, scrubbing floors, stacking recyclables.

And tonight, maybe: finishing Raven. I bound off the shoulders (three-needle bind-off, so it also does the seam) and picked up the stitches for the collar. I THINK I have enough yarn, or even if I don't, quite, I just make the collar a little shorter. (It's not a low-cut top so I don't think that will pose a problem if I have to). All that remains then is to finish off any loose ends and sew in the sleeves.

This is sort of a quiet week - I also have tomorrow afternoon off because of no intro lab (intro labs are Wednesdays and Thursdays, so if Wednesday lab gets cancelled, mine gets cancelled, too). So I can work on stuff during that time. (And maybe go home for lunch, haven't decided yet).

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