Wednesday, March 01, 2017

And that's done

My house is (mostly) cleaned. (The room I use as my office is still bad, but, meh. I can attack that over spring break, maybe).

I scrubbed the floors. Like, for real, with hot water and Murphy's oil soap and down on my hands and knees. I use the Swiffer Wet things in between, but really, scrubbing gives much better results. (And smells better when it's done). And I scrubbed the tub, which I kind of hate, because I have long hair that sheds when I wash it and I also use a goopy shave cream on my legs that seems to wind up in nooks and crannies I don't see if I do an after-shower wipedown. (Note: "if." sometimes I don't bother. Usually I don't bother.)

I think the tub thing bugs be partly because it's a thing used for cleaning, how can it get so dirty? I mean, I know, but it feels like it should not get that dirty.

Other things I did:

- My entire G1/G3 Pony Herd is now arranged on the top of the bookshelves. That is for now; it is not ideal because they're hard to reach down and are not quite as visible as they would be on a lower shelf.

- I broke down the accumulated boxes and dropped them off for recycling.

- BUT I also used five of them (the smaller ones) to box up a lot of books I didn't want any more (or would never re-read, or would be unlikely to read for a first time - I bought some of the Redwall series 10 or more years ago but realized that I never get through most fantasy, I think it's not that much for me, so I decided to pass them on). I drove them down to the public library - they do a book sale every fall but they said they were already accepting donations. The librarian I handed them off to seemed excited - "We're going to go through these, I bet there are some things here our collections need. You probably don't realize what short lives paperbacks have in a library collection...." So if they can add some of my discarded books to their circulation, that's good - and the ones they don't want they will sell to buy ones they do.

I need to do even more culling. Those five boxes didn't even really make much of a dent.

- I bought a new kitchen garbage can. The old one was white-painted metal and it had gotten stained over the years, and also, it didn't have a bag grip so very commonly the bag would collapse down into it, which made me grumble. The new one does have a grip, and it is stainless steel, so it looks nicer. (Also it doesn't smell. My decision to buy a new one was partly predicated on "I either need to drag this can outside, hook up the hose, and wash it out, or else get a new one")

Though it does raise the question: how does one throw out a garbage can?

- I also bought a new shepherd's crook for the backyard to put the bird feeders on. I decided not to keep them close to the house any more because mice. I figured it was easier to buy a new crook (they are cheap) and put hanging baskets on the existing one come spring than to dig up the old one and move it. (And I can get hanging baskets of red flowers, and maybe get hummingbirds then - I don't do hummingbird feeders because of the effort of cleaning weekly so they stay safe for the birds, but hummingbird-attracting flowers would be good.)

So yeah. I made use of my day off. Not for work stuff, mostly (though I read the introduction on a book on bumblebees while waiting on my car - though I chose unwisely for that book; I forgot it was actually an IDENTIFICATION book, so the bulk of it was range maps and diagrams of bees showing the patterns of pile and color). But my house really needed cleaning and I feel better for having done it.

AND I found another medium-length size 3 circular so part of my evening will be spent transferring the stitches/picking back up the dropped stitches of La Grasse Matinee.


CGHill said...

How to throw away a garbage can:

Place it inside a plastic lawn/leaf bag, and set the bag where the local refuse collectors find it acceptable.

anita said...

Or (as I do) haul it to the dump (as opposed to the landfill) and add it to the appropriate recycling dumpster.

Lynn said...

Yes! to the tub cleaning thing. Also the dishwasher. That's easier, just empty one of those dishwasher cleaning packets into it and run it empty but still... why?