Monday, February 27, 2017

Photos, as promised

This is the birthday stuff. Some of it is "my gift to myself," some of it is gifts from others.

First, the yarn. (Plus pony. I am considering the pony Kathy sent me to be a week-early birthday gift)

yarn and pone

The blue "cakes" (and beads) are for Celestarium. And the other two yarns will probably become socks - the purple one's colorway is "Fragrant Flowering Tobacco" and the blue-green one is called "EEejits!" which is a good name and I think someone who deals with Too Many People some days needs socks with that colorway name.


And the fabric. The one on the right is some really pretty blue, yellow, and white spring florals; I will use the pattern next to it for it (it might be my next quilt, once I get back to, and finish, that tilted four-patch). And the one on the left is the poppy fabric. I'm not married to the idea of using that pattern with it, but I did like the pattern (and it's for a jelly roll) so I bought it, even if I don't use it with these.

And then, the Presents from Others:

parents gifts

Main feature here is the dress (thermal knit cotton so not sure if I'll be able to wear it soon - supposed to be 78 F tomorrow) and the Grit magazine. Those were from my parents. And yeah, Grit, but it has good recipes and for someone like me who kind of dreams of having a small hobby farm someday, it's a nice escape. (And anyway, there is some good practical stuff in there, and nice photography, and things like environmentally-friendly pest control)

And gifts from my blogreader Angie, who was very generous:

blogreader gifts

Squishable stuffed "Lucky Cat" and a stuffed toy axolotl (already has been named Axl). And a copy of O Brother, Where Art Thou, and a Moomin makeup bag that I will probably actually wind up using for small knitting projects like socks...

And, not shown because it's in digital form at the moment, but my friend Bee sent me the Shiba Inu in a kimono pattern from Ravelry. Wow. Much doge. So kimono. (Perhaps next time I'm at Jo-Ann's, I look for suitable yarns....I might do a blue rather than pink kimono, or maybe red....)

So it was a pretty good day, all in all. (And I got my coupon from Ulta early this morning - it's for some kind of pore-refining masque thing but I still think I'll pick it up if I decide to run to Sherman this coming weekend. And anyway, they were low-stocked on some Clinique things so I might want to look again to see if they've restocked - I am getting to the point where I need a new blush.)

Not shown because they're not unboxed yet, but I bought a couple of closeout "Ever After High" dolls - kind of similar in size to Monster High, but fairytale characters instead - I got "book club" Ginger Breadhouse and Kitty Cheshire. (I figured I couldn't JUST get Ginger, she would need a friend to hang with her if she's going to otherwise be in with the monsters and the couple of Superhero Girls (Bumblebee and Poison Ivy) that I have)


purlewe said...

NICE!!! My present and card are still in the mail. (separately) so keep an eye out!

Lynn said...

Beautiful. I like the light blue green yarn. I've been especially attracted to that color in the last few years. And I love the yellow and blue tiny print fabric.