Wednesday, February 01, 2017

thinking out loud

I might have to go back to getting up at 4:30 am and working out, my screwed-up stomach be darned, because there aren't enough hours in a day and as nice as being able to sleep until 6 if I need it is, it's hard to work in that 40 minutes at the end of the day to work out.

Other frustrations going on in my life but no one really cares about those, so I'm not even gonna bother to write them out.

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purlewe said...

OK. I am sure you ahve considered all the possibilities. and I know you will do what works for you. but....

sleep right now is important too. sleep is the thing stopping us from blasting everyone in our paths with vitriol.

so can I propose you look at your schedule and see if you can do the workout maybe 2xs a week in the morning and 3xs a week in the evening (or flip it, or whatever balance it as you need to) but let yourself sleep in right now. your body needs it.

submitted respectfully, your friend purlewe