Wednesday, February 01, 2017

to do list

Actually, the last time I extensively used to-do lists were back in 2012, ironically, shortly before I was diagnosed as hypertensive and told (in a nicer and more proper way) by my then-new doctor that I needed to learn to chill the H out.

Well, life doesn't always allow that. Stuff done blowed up this semester, part of it is my fault for taking on too much in a fit of "See! I'm valuable! Don't RIF me if it comes to that!" and also "See! See how hard I work? Please don't tell me I'm not doing everything well!" on my post-tenure review.

Yesterday was pretty much a wash-out, some student issues, also a tense-making meeting. But I think I made up for it today:

  1. Updated all my BlackBoard pages with next week’s material, the exam reviews, etc.
  2. Wrote the next 2 homeworks in Connect (bleah) and posted them for my intro class
  3. Typed minutes from last month’s AAUW meeting, sent them on to the president of the group
  4. Checked my ongoing experiment, watered, recorded germination
  5. Finished a crummy first draft of this proceedings paper. E-mailed my advisor to warn him that it might not be on time or very good, he e-mailed back saying “do your best and due date is somewhat flexible"
  6. Read the stuff on the Science Olympiad, melted down when I found out that via a miscommunication I am now chairing a different section than I volunteered for. Also found a colleague who was not at the meeting was put in charge of the section I thought I was in charge of...
  7. Told colleague. It was the first he had heard. I told him to go ahead and call the organizer and chew him out and that I’d do the section even if it meant cancelling the other one. 
  8. Informed my chair of the miscommunication, was told I could refuse to do one of the two sections but I don't know
  9. Discussed with YET ANOTHER colleague, came to the conclusion that no one higher up than us knows for sure what is going on yet, so let's table the stuff to next weekend, and if I wind up having to do a mono-buttockular* job on it, then fine, I do that, and next year they can either get their poop in a group faster or find someone else for this (Yes, I know I'm a control freak abou things like this but it causes me a lot of stress to try to do something with very little guidance and information)
  10. Taught my classes for today
  11. Updated the scholarship application form for the AAUW scholarship, sent it to group president and rest of my committee
  12. Learned how to do BCC e-mailing and used the list of addresses supplied by registrar to spam the scholarship announcement out to everyone eligible.
  13. Worked out for forty-five minutes after I got home
Yeah, unlucky thirteen. I still have to wash my hair and do a bit more piano practice and grade the labs I took up today.

But, crikey. Tomorrow is my busiest teaching day AND I give an exam I HAVE to have graded (so I can fill out the first round of "grade alert reports" and tomorrow is AAUW. (I well and truly hate the first two weeks of the month; all my meetings fall then.

But yeah. Any commentator in the news commenting about "overpaid and lazy college professors" will get a very hard stare from me. 

*Mono-buttockular: my personal euphemism for "half-assed."

What I really need to do about the workout thing is simply to insist upon getting off campus at a sufficiently reasonable hour of the afternoon to be able to work out most days. (I usually work out on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and of course there it's not an issue). The loss of sleep honestly worries me less than angrying up my stomach again does....because this is a stressful stretch and I don't see it becoming less-so for a while.

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