Saturday, February 25, 2017

ready to go

Edited to add: I'm feeling some better about it. I got the car out when I took some stuff to the trash and it's not as bad I was remembering. The bumper damage seems to be purely cosmetic, and while the headlight will need to be replaced, it's not super-obvious something is wrong unless you look closely. I slapped some packing tape over it so shards of the plexiglas won't drop out but I do think the car is 100% safe to drive, so I'm going.

I just, still, I wish it hadn't happened. Then again, it could have been worse: one or both of us could have been hurt. My car could have been rendered undriveable. The person could have taken my information and then tried to take me for everything they could get instead of saying, "Oh, you just hit the part that was already dented, no biggie"

I hope today is a good day.


I guess.

I'm gonna look at my car again when I pull it out of the garage to decide for sure. I might slap some clear packing tape over the busted headlight just so I don't risk dropping broken Plexiglas (or whatever that stuff is) out on the highway.

Yesterday was way too darn eventful, way too many ups and downs (Up: getting ms. submitted, realizing I had a weekend off, receiving my pony. Down: getting the letter and doubting myself, getting in the little accident).

I have time next week to get the car fixed; even if they need to order a headlight assembly they can probably (I HOPE) get it by Wednesday if I call Monday (I have Wednesday off: mid semester assessment testing) and if it takes any length of time I can just ask someone there to take me back home and pick me up (or I can ask the church secretary to take me back out there at the end of the day; she'd do it). I can then stay home and clean house, it needs it and also I might find my missing receipt.

But yeah. I hate those roller-coaster days.


I dunno. My birthday is Monday but I have v. low expectations for it. I have one gift (from my parents) but I know what it is because I asked specifically for it. My brother and his family are on a trip so I'll probably see my gift from them in a few weeks (if they remember then). I received a card from my parents but if any other cards are out there, they either haven't come yet or they got caught up in the mail-theft vortex.

I have a faculty meeting that day and we will probably find out how woeful budgetary stuff is (the state had ANOTHER "revenue failure." I....don't know....I'm not a genius at budgeting but I look at how the supposed leaders of the state are doing it and I'm kind of shaking my head because they seem to keep counting their chickens before they hatch, and then when 75% of the nest fails, they act like that couldn't possibly have happened.)

Ash Wednesday is Wednesday. I've already decided to cut back on spending for Lent and the money I might have spent on fun stuff (make-up, yarn, books, etc.) put towards replenishing my savings account instead. (Or really, I should give it somewhere....).

(Ugh. I think that now my body has finally "learned to count to 28" as I joked a few days back, this week is just going to be extra woeful. Feeling kind of like nothing will exactly make me cheerful, so why NOT give up frivolous spending for Lent?)

Eh, meh, adult birthdays are a cheat and a lie. And I'm trying to avoid sweets right now so I'm not going to bake myself a cake. (If someone were to bake one FOR me, I'd have a piece, but I'm not going to make one).

Maybe I give up sweets for Lent. That would serve some other purposes, as well: better for my bloodwork mid-March, I might lose a little weight. It's just, hard. A lot of adulthood does feel like "cut this little pleasure out of your life" and I remember a few weeks ago bitterly wondering if all the dietary restrictions that seem to come with aging (cut out salt, cut out sugar, cut out fat, reduce calories so your slowing metabolism doesn't make you gain weight, become sensitive to certain foods) means that eventually, when Death comes, you're like "eh, meh, not gonna fight it, there's nothing left that interests me here"

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