Saturday, February 25, 2017

And I'm back.

Yeah, good thing I didn't freak out and cancel the trip. My car was just fine, except for the passenger-side front blinker not working (and the car making that annoying "fast click" to remind me of it every time I hit the directional).

I need to go to Whitesboro more often. Even if I don't plan on buying much. It helped get my head out of the bad place it was in from overwork, overinterpretation of the letter, and the little accident last night.

And it was nice to talk to people who are not indifferent about things I am deeply interested in. The women at the knitting shop were impressed I was undertaking Celestarium and helped me find the right beads for it (and looked up the beads-per-gram so I knew I was buying enough) and then I mentioned having knit the Hiawatha Shawl - and they looked it up on Ravelry to see it and the owner favorited mine! (And yes, that kind of thing matters to me.)

I bought some dark blue (not quite midnight blue, but maybe it's more of a "northern summer nights" color) and matching beads, and they wound it off for me - I do think this is going to be the next project once I finish Raven and maybe after I finish Hagrid.

She invited me to come back, and even if I didn't want to buy anything, I could bring my knitting and sit and knit. (And of course I would wind up buying at least a skein of sockyarn while there). But I might do that at least once or twice this summer, since I'm not teaching, or I might look into taking a class if they offer one in something I want to learn. (If they do an entrelac class....I've never done that but have seen some pretty patterns for it)

And I went to the quilt shop and bought some poppy-themed fabrics in pinkish peach and pale green, and a set of florals in blue and yellow - and patterns for both. I want to get back to making more quilts. I admit I've gotten away from it partly because it's less fun when you don't have a nearby longarmer to do some of the quilts.

I also got a lead on someone who does sewing machine cleaning and repair (mine is okay, but it needs badly to have a thorough cleaning) but, womp womp - he is in McKinney, and apparently he's the nearest person. Maybe I do that on Spring Break? I don't know.

One thing about small businesses, especially, I think, those involving hobbies: the people running them are enthusiasts and they are interested about  what they are selling and what you are buying and it's just nice to be able to talk to someone about something not-work and fun and gosh do I miss that.

(I need to see if Laura will be free either during my spring break or sometime in summer so we can plan a meetup)

I also went to one of the antique stores and bought a plate (one of those souvenir ones like I have on my bathroom walls). I haven't bought one for a while because I'm almost out of space for them, but this one was special, as it was from Hot Springs and I've been there and seen several of the sights featured on it.

And I went to Lovejoy's. Bought a bracelet - I think the stones are onyx on it. (Photos of other things will come later, I have to get my camera out and see if it's charged). But here it is

They are slightly faceted which is nice. (They're strung on an elastic, which I know will eventually perish and break, but maybe I can restring them when that happens).

Also, Lovejoy's had a limited lunch menu (just a few sandwiches) and I decided I didn't feel quite in the mood for barbecue so I had a ham and swiss panini (I know, I know: ham. But it's only once a year). And a half-piece of peanut butter pie. (One of the nice things Lovejoy's does is offer half-sized pieces of dessert if you'd rather)

The other thing about Whitesboro is it's just a nice drive - most of it is through open country and there's not a lot of traffic and it is kind of restful. And it's just a nice town.

I also ran back to Sherman and went to the Ulta (despite not having received the coupon for whatever "birthday gift" they are offering, but I might go back to Sherman next weekend). Yeah, I'm kind of surprised at how much I enjoy shopping for cosmetics and what I can allow myself to spend on them,'s one of those things homebodies like me can enjoy. (I bought some fancy dry-hair shampoo, and a sugar skin scrub, and some more fancy hair clips....)

And I got groceries, even though by then I was running out of steam. But I decided my birthday night dinner is going to be crock-pot "barbecued" ribs. Even if I decide not to have a dessert that day. (I wish it were easier to make single-serving cakes - and mug cakes don't count, there's something about the microwaved egg in them that upsets my stomach a little. Maybe I try to find a flourless chocolate cake recipe, those are often lower in carbohydrates. Or maybe I try making blancmange, or find a different chocolate creme brulee recipe from the one that didn't work).

I think the problem with the past two weeks was just not enough "away" time to get my head unstuck from the one-inch picture frame at work.

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I'm glad your day turned out so well. I hope you can go visit the knitting shop either during hour spring break or the summer and knit with other customers. I think it would be nice for hyou to make some new knitting friends.