Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I love this

There is now a (short) graphic novel of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

It works quite well, and in fact, I think it captures the avoidant, socially-awkward nature of the protagonist well.

This has long been one of my favorite poems, ever since high school. And yes, I know, liking Eliot is kind of part of the "pretentious, pretending-to-be-more-educated-and-world-weary-than-they-really-are high schooler" trope, but I really do like the poem. (Yes, even still).

I appreciate that the artist strove to do it in-period with appropriate clothing and all. And how it is mostly realistic, but he is captured on a giant pin, just like an insect, in the part that refers to that, and also, how you can really  pick up on the disinterest of some of the women.

I always felt sorry for poor old Prufrock, and I liked to fancy that if I had a fellow like that in my life I would NOT turn toward the window and say "That is not what I meant at all" but instead try to understand him and try to get him to understand me. (But really: I am more Prufrock than I am the nameless woman; I am the one who's walked up the steps to some social thing and then turned back, or the one who did feel the awkwardness that is so well-captured in the presentation I've linked to).

The artist has done some other poetry, including Annabel Lee.

And Yeats' When you are old done in the style of manga, which is interesting but which I am not entirely sure about....

(And NB: some sections of that site might not be SFW.....there's a link to "Erotica," click at your own risk (I do not know what is there; I did not click)

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