Wednesday, February 08, 2017

a random thought

Stuff that goes through my head.

If I were an activist of any stripe, and someone who people actually listened to, instead of, you know, me.....I'd put out a call to "cancel" Valentine's Day this year.

Not for any reason about frustration with romantic love (though there is that, and I get tired of how V-Day is all about the romance, and so those of us who have none in our lives are left standing on the outside of the restaurant on a cold night, looking in at the happy couples eating good food in the warmth).

No. It's because I see precious little love in the world: humanity, at least the US culture form of it I see, is becoming more separated and fractionated and I've said several times this week that maybe the future of humanity is for all of us to live solo, with as little contact with other humans as possible, because it seems we can't do interpersonal stuff without it turning into either a fight or a virtue-signalling contest.

And maybe cancelling Valentine's Day for a year would remind people that a lot of the stupid little stuff that separates us is much smaller than the stupid big stuff we all have in common:

we're all gonna die some day
we all hurt
we all feel not-listened-to some of the time
we all have to eat
we all get sick
we all get scared
we all need to feel we have a purpose.

I don't know.

That said, as frustrated as I get with the really rather dumb Valentine's Day promotions I see around, I have to give Ward's Science supply house a thumbs up: they are apparently having a sale on anatomical hearts (models and preserved specimens) this week.

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