Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hopefully, avoiding jinxes

Board meeting was tonight.

We voted on something that, if it all works out as it looks like it will, it will be very good for us.

We voted to recommend extending* a probationary contract to a new minister. This is someone who's filled the pulpit the past few weeks and it has been a very positive experience. His sermons are scholarly but not dry, he seems like a very personable person, and, to me, he strikes me as someone who takes his faith seriously - in the sense of he thinks about how it informs his day to day life and what it means to be a person in the world today, and he encourages us to do that. Oh yes, of course you expect a minister to do that, but some do not. We've had at least one person (I might be misremembering but I thought another one too) join since he's been visiting. So all in all, it looks very positive.

and it means stability for a while, which is something I tremendously crave right now, so I am hoping and praying everything works out as it looks like it should. Maybe this is the end of the "not yet" for the answer to our prayers?**

(*Congregational politics: the board recommends, there is a required 2/3 of the active congregation to make it so - I think I am remembering the 2/3 correctly).

(** It's said God has three ways of answering prayer: "Yes," "Not Yet," and "I have something better in mind for you")

Tomorrow night I don't have to go out and I have a chicken in the fridge I can roast, and tomorrow night I can relax because I just give an exam on Friday....and I have the manuscript nearly typed and it just needs to be revised now.

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