Thursday, February 16, 2017

I got nothing

I will be really glad when Honors' Day/Science Olympiad is over.

I will be even gladder when this manuscript is done and submitted even though I know there will be revisions later on.

I dragged home a few supplemental articles to mine for background/supporting my conclusions information, wound up working too late, went to bed, couldn't go to sleep. (That often happens. Even when I feel like "You got a lot done today," it's like I can't shut my brain off).

I did manage to write up one page on my scholarly productivity and send it in to the place I had to for this award I've been nominated for. I was thinking, driving home: well, I probably won't win it, but I'll have to go to the long "faculty appreciation" banquet anyway, because if by some fluke I did, it would be embarrassing not to be there. Then I remembered: wait, last year, during the retrenchment, they did away with those and just had a thing one afternoon on the front lawn. Dare I hope that's what it is this year (and if it's a day I'm in lab, there's a reason for me to be absent).

Piano practice is suffering in this - I didn't do any yesterday. (It's not a BIG deal as lessons are on hiatus at least until the time change, but I like to keep up with it). I did manage to do 20 minutes this morning, and hopefully can motivate myself to do more this afternoon.

I am beginning to wonder if maybe I do need to force myself back into the early wake-up/ early work-out schedule, tetchy stomach be darned, because it's haaaaaaaard to come home at the end of the workday and then need to work out and then need to do the grading or whatever-the-butt it is I've dragged home with myself. I'm doing it, because I know I need to work out to stay healthy, but it's haaaaaaaard.

Knitting is also suffering, and that makes me sad. But right now, I'm just telling myself, this is "survival mode" where I get done what HAS to be done and I can worry about the things I want to do at some time in the future. Not a fun way to live but that's how it is right now. Next weekend (the 25th) I can have some free time; the week following that is the "assessment testing" day which means I get a full day off (unless they come up with some kind of bananas "seminar" they want us to go to; that's happened in the past) and I don't have Thursday lab, so I get a little bit of time freed up. Hopefully by then the manuscript will be done so I can maybe relax a little and maybe even take at least part of that Wednesday off.

But yeah. Getting really tired of juggling 18 things instead of my usual 12.

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