Thursday, February 16, 2017

little funny thing

Still too busy, but at least the stuff for the Science Olympiad is now done.

But something quick, and something that made me laugh when it came across the Twitters:

Caption: "This was my cat's face when I found her hoarding stash."

Yes. That face. It's so funny. And I think all cats do that - the cats my parents had did this kind of thing with their toys as well.

Even though my allergies prevent it (and I'm never home), I admit there are things I miss about having a cat around, and the funny things they do is a big part of that.


Also, I cracked my bio class up today. There was a huge fly (so big we were wondering at first if it was a bee) buzzing around the room. Finally, it flew out the door, so I closed the door and said it couldn't get back in.

Well, a minute after that, a late (VERY late, but apparently she had car trouble) student came. And she knocked on the door. I commented, as I went over to open it, "I hope that's not the fly again."

A couple of the women in my class started laughing and had a hard time stopping. I didn't think it was THAT funny but maybe because I generally come across as sort of serious, it struck them funny, I don't know.


Lynn said...

I love that face! I haven't noticed my cats hoarding anything. They're older and don't play much anymore but I really don't remember them ever hoarding.

purlewe said...

That would be something I would laugh about for awhile. Just the image of a fly knocking is giving me the giggles.

re: cats and hording. My cat Kiki likes paper balls. Like the small twisted up bits or paper that she can play soccer all over the house? But she puts them under the carpet when she is done. We call it the "bank of carpet" and about once a yr I roll up the carpet and find hundred of paper balls. she is so confused when I do this. She walks around them all as if she is saying goodbye...