Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My epic typo

Which, luckily, I found.

And I admit, I am greatly cheered to realize I am drawing close to the finish of at least an acceptable (if not great) draft of this paper, which I can then send off and be done with for a little while.

But anyway. I was referencing a system for coding "vegetation associations" in my state: that is, the code indicates a description and list of what species are the most abundant ones in that type of habitat. The one my site is closest to (in degraded form, however) is one that is coded as V. A. 5. N. a.

Which I had initially blithely typed as V.A.G.N.a.

um. Whoops. I'm REALLY glad I caught that because if you "buy another vowel," it spells part of the female reproductive system.

(Hm. Maybe a V.A.G.N.a. could be code for some type of fembot? I'm offering that up for free to anyone who might write SF.)

(And yeah, I know, at least one person is going: "But she's so talented, she doesn't need to work 'blue'" but I couldn't resist sharing this epic typo-that-almost-was. The really bad thing, if I hadn't caught it? It's my old graduate advisor who will be editing this thing)

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