Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sunday morning things

* Did the last bit of Christmas decorating - put the poinsettia tablecloth I bought at the antique shop back in November on my dining table. (I have a few things - bottles of various spice mixes supposed to take the place of table salt, for example - on there so changing tablecloths is a bit of an effort). I also put up a couple little random decorations here and there.

It DOES look like a production of "The Nutcracker" exploded in my house and I openly admit that pleases me. One place where I go cranky-contrarian is at the people who want to decorate "minimally" or the people who complain that decorating is a "waste of time." (They are free to not decorate their houses if they so choose, but it gets my back up when someone tries to tell me what I "should" do with my free time or disposable income).

And yeah, I guess there's the usual raft of "I-don't-like-Christmas-so-you-shouldn't-either" editorials coming out right now?

I have a reaction .gif for those:

I don't particularly care if you choose not to keep Christmas (or to keep it in your own way) but don't tell ME what to do or that I'm "stupid" or "wrong" for doing it the way I do it.

And yeah, I get that those editorials are probably done largely because they get reactions from the readers. But honestly: if you don't care for it, don't do it, but don't tell other people they need to be like you.

* Minty is progressing. Head is done, body is within a couple rounds of being done, and later today I plan to at least start the legs. (The legs are the most tedious part). I'm gonna have to dig around in my felt to make sure I have the right colors for her cutie mark (reddish pink and pale bluish-green; I know I have white felt). If I don't have it, I may have to plan a JoAnn's run the end of this week. (She can exist for a while without a cutie mark if she has to).

* I break my experiment down and take the last data on it tomorrow. I give exams Tuesday (but machine graded ones, so they will be fast). Wednesday I give exams but also have a couple meetings so I am figuring Thursday will have to be the grading day.....and that means I could take Friday and go have fun going antiquing or something. (I do need to make my PTR packet but I have a couple days the week after where I could do that, and I could also make up my syllabi for next semester too).

So if I need to get some unusual colors of felt I could do it then. (But I bet I have the colors I need, or at least ones that are close).

* Apparently Freeform is currently the winner for holiday programming I want to see. This afternoon they show "Elf" (I already watched it Friday night off the dvd but I might watch it again, especially if I'm working on Minty) and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (Standard disclaimer: in some ways it's a horrible movie - language and all - but it's also pretty darn funny) is on tonight.

I'm a little sad that TCM seems to be scheduling the Christmas movies when I'm busy. ("Christmas in Connecticut" - the original one, with Barbara Stanwyck - was on when I had to be out somewhere). (No, I don't have dvr; I already write a big enough check to my service provider every month).

* I did go to Five Below (which has fast become one of my favorite stores even if it sells mostly cheaply made, disposable stuff) on Friday. One thing I bought was a cookie cutter of the Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story." (They also had the moose-head mug from "Christmas Vacation"). I bought it because that movie's been a favorite in my family and I might do either a separate small batch of cut-out cookies of that, or do a few of the regular kind with it. (My mom has something like a hundred cookie cutters, some of them those old red plastic ones that have started showing up in antiques shops).

* Another thing I plan to do today is get my cards ready to go out. When I did the experiment back in October, it seemed the ones most likely to reach their destination (and reach it fastest) were sent direct from the slot at the post office - and as I have a card that needs to go to Australia, I need to go down there anyway, so I think I'll just take the cards along and drop them in the mail when I go, maybe on Tuesday.

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