Monday, December 05, 2016

Back to work

Classes are done, and today is a day before I get hit with more grading, so I'm going to break down this run of the experiment.

This will involve measuring the height (or largest leaf length on the forbs) of each plant and recording it, then dumping the soil out into a bucket and finding somewhere to dispose of it. And then probably scrubbing the Conetainers.

I picked a less-than-ideal day, though - the high today is supposed to be 49 F so I doubt I will do it outside. Also, it's been chilly in my building (we have constant HVAC issues and while I usually prefer it to be slightly chilly, it's not fun when your hands are in water all morning).

It's nice, though, to be able to say "I am going to do this ONE THING today" and not have to worry about juggling it in between classes and meeting with students and the like. I think one of the big sources of frustration in my life is that it's hard for me to focus on any one thing because I have so many things tugging at my concentration. And as a result, I get "ADD-ish" from it - it's hard to buckle down and read research stuff if you're half expecting a student to come and need something, or if a colleague somehow locks up their computer and you know more than they do about how to fix it, or whatever.

Tomorrow morning I give exams but they are my intro class, it's a common exam, and they're machine-graded. So that's easy.

Wednesday is the due date for my stats exam (but I am hoping some of the students will be diligent and will get it to me early - I made a big fat hairy deal about how I'd be happy to get them early because it means I have better time to grade them)

I also give my ecology final on Wednesday but warned the students they might not be graded before midday Thursday - I have two meetings (well, a "meeting" and a meeting) Wednesday afternoon - the "meeting" is the annual departmental lunch and I'm not skipping that, and the meeting is another meeting about the local eco-park.

The other tasks for this week are to put together my PTR packet (I might be able to do that tomorrow afternoon; I have been told it doesn't need to be too elaborate - just the past 3 year's annual reviews, an updated vita, and a letter. A colleague is going to loan me his to use as a pattern). I also need to write syllabi.

Even though it's going to be cold Friday it will be sunny and I have tentatively told myself if I get my stuff done I can go antiquing. Even if it's just to Denison it will be fun and it will be good to have a day out.

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