Friday, December 02, 2016

Small happiness bundles

One of the vintage-pony bloggers (well, it was a Tumblr, but I think of those as blogs) commented that one of the reasons she liked Ponies was they were "smol bundles of happiness." I like that idea. And yes, they are little bundles of happiness for me - a way to recapture a little of the innocence and imaginative happiness of childhood. (Even if I was a trying-to-be-sophisticated young teen when G1 came out, and therefore thought I was too old for them. How wrong I was....)

Anyway, the newest-to-me (actually somewhere on the order of 30 years old) ponies arrived today.

Bowtie, who is a pretty common one but is still pretty (and this is the first one I've got with her original brush):

And Baby Tic-Tac-Toe. I've said before how fond I am of the little baby ponies:

Yellow ponies are best ponies. And I also love his (I have decided he is a he) hair colors.

He's also a "first tooth" pony, a concept I find wonderful and hilarious:

The tooth is a little hard to see, maybe, but it's there. (I have another one named Baby Bouncy - he is a Pegasus).

It's kind of ridiculous how happy these make me but then again is it any less ridiculous to be that happy over a purse or new shoes? (And these are certainly cheaper....I think I paid $12 for Bowtie)

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