Sunday, December 11, 2016

A quick song

I finished Minty's socks and made her a hat, pictures will come later today. But Kelly posted this song the other day as one of his Christmas songs, and I also heard it played in the antique shop in Sherman when I was there.

It's funny, in the context of the musical - which I've never seen, I've only seen the original Auntie Mame movie with Rosalind Russel (who, AFAIK, did NOT sing), and Kelly noted that in the context of the show, the song is inserted at a time when it is not that close to Christmas, and, as he said, is a "desperate grasping at straws" and I admit that's kind of how I've experienced a lot of the happiness I've gone after this fall - ordering too many vintage Ponies, buying more yarn than I can knit up, watching lots of cartoons.

Of course, that's ultimately kind of empty, and really what I SHOULD be doing is going out and doing more volunteer work or sending more money off to various charity groups or girding my loins, figuratively, for whatever the future may bring.

In the context of the original musical the song came shortly after Auntie Mame lost everything in the (1929) stock market crash, so yeah, maybe it fits for a year that's been budgetarily bad. 

Then again, "Auntie Mame's" MO was kind of a carpe diem MO, so the song works, just as maybe ordering too many vintage Ponies works a little bit for me.

But yeah: grown a little leaner*, grown a little colder, grown a little sadder, grown a little older

(*Well, maybe not totally on that one)

Angela Lansbury is the singer on that one. (I think she's a national treasure*; I still love Murder, She Wrote and consider it the best of "comfort TV" and I also enjoyed her in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Never seen her in more "serious" roles - I haven't seen The Manchurian Candidate - so I tend to think of her as a kindly sort, based on the characters I know her best for)

(*Well, okay: INternational treasure, seeing as she's British/Irish but has lived and worked in the US)


And another thought, in re: another song from another Christmas movie:

"Sometimes you're Judy Garland singing "Have yourself a merry little Christmas," sometimes you're Margaret O'Brien busting up the snow family"

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