Saturday, December 10, 2016

one quick thing

She still lacks her socks (and better photos will come tomorrow after I've made those) but here is my G4-ized version of G3 Minty. Yes, she looks different from G3 Minty, but I find how the faces turn out on these is a little unpredictable - she looks less like the young silly pony that existed in G3. (Her face reminds me a bit of my Fluttershy's face).

Okay, maybe she's a LITTLE silly given the extreme close-up. She's made from Caron Simply Soft in a mint green and her hair is a mix of two of the shades left over from Cheerilee's hair.

Added: the thing I really love about this pattern is that the ponies I make off it are just the perfect size to tuck up under your arm. I mentioned the Build-a-Bear ponies, and as nice as they are, they are GIANT and are too big unless you have lots of space. (And they have the tangly "dolly hair" - I like the simple yarn hair on mine better).

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