Sunday, December 11, 2016

More of Minty

Here are some better photos of Minty. I'm happy with how she turned  out, she's very cute. She looks a little different than G3 Minty but then again, G3 vs. G4 ponies look pretty different.

Here's a comparison, viewed through the filter of G4:

But anyway. From what I've seen/read about Minty (from some of the G3 specials, which I admit are very juvenile and corny but I still love now), she is kind of a silly, excitable, young pony. She sometimes messes things up (she has to go out and save Christmas in one of the movies after breaking the candy cane that's supposed to serve as a beacon to Santa Claus). But fundamentally she's good-hearted.

She's also the original Pony in Socks - in fact, as I remember, a plot point in the Christmas movie was that she gave away all her socks (as Christmas stockings) when she was afraid Santa wouldn't make it.

So of course I had to make socks for her.

Minty socks

These were reworked from a cheap pair of knee socks from Five Below - I just sewed across where the bottom of the sock would be, and then sewed up about 1 1/2" from the edge (all this done inside out, of course), and then cut apart the socks, turned them right side out, and bingo - perfect Minty socks.

These are her Christmas socks; I bought a second pair in pink and grey stripes to make socks for her in "Ordinary Time."

I was also able to make a little hat, simply by cutting the toe off one sock and rolling the edge so it wouldn't fray. (If I had really wanted to be compulsive, I could have done a tiny rolled hem like on hankies, but, eh meh.)

Minty hat

It doesn't stay on very well unless I force it on over both ears, which then looks odd.

Here's a side view. I think she looked like Fluttershy to me because of the pink hair.

Minty side

Like I said, I'm pretty happy with her. (And there's some speculation Minty might show up in Season 7: she's still under trademark and Build a Bear made a pony of her. Then again, that might have just been a shout-out to the fans of the earlier generations.)

And I find myself thinking of a song parody:

Who's peeking out from under her pink mane
Calling a name that's spicy and sweet?
Who's bending down to pull up her stockings?
Everyone knows it's Minty

Who's dancing through the streets of Ponyville
Smiling at everybody she sees?
Who's reaching out to hug her close friends?
Everyone knows it's Minty

And Minty has lilac eyes
That sparkle at the chance of surprise....

(Windy is an Earth Pony, so she doesn't have wings, so I can't get much further....)


In other news - I cleaned house (FSVO clean - the guest room is still cluttered as are some parts of my bedroom). But I cleaned the kitchen extensively, including a for-real scrubbing (hands and knees, pail of hot water with a citrus-based soap in it) rather than hitting it with a Swiffer Wet and calling it good. I figure if I get rid of ALL the crumbs and make sure all food items are enclosed in tight containers (glass or metal), I am far, far less likely to have a mouse invasion while I am gone. (It happens: old house, can't be made totally tight). And anyway, it's a lot nicer to return in sad January to a clean house. (I still have a few days here, so I may wind up having to do a little refresh-cleaning before I leave). I also got rid of all the accumulated catalogs and some of the magazines I don't keep back issues of for very long.

I just kind of left TCM on while I was working - was able to see part of  Christmas in Connecticut (the parts with SZ Sakall, which are my favorite ones; the romance story feels a little hokey and I confess I always feel like "Elizabeth Lane" should have stayed with her long-time boyfriend, but then again, what do I know?). There was another movie featuring Sakall on after it - one where he played a Norwegian uncle to Sonja Henie. (I guess he played a lot of "vaguely ethnic European" men despite actually being Hungarian).

(Sad little-known fact about Sakall - he came to the US to escape the Nazis; he had three sisters who were interred in concentration camps and died there.)

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