Monday, October 24, 2016

Little Pony Families (I)

I mentioned this a few times. One of the kind of nice things for me about acquiring G1 pony figures is that I know NONE of the backstory (if any exists for them), so I am free to invent personalities for each pony and also spot family resemblances.

These two are fairly recent acquisitions (after not having any ponies for a while, Ponies In The Sun got a new batch in). I bought them together:

"Don't talk to me or my son ever again"

Seashell (the adult pony) is in the sitting pose (like what Bubbles has). I like this pose, it is very cute, and I liked Seashell's unusual coloring. At the same time I ordered Baby Ember - one of the few "blank flank" ponies produced in G1. I've headcanoned him (as have many other Pony collectors) as a boy because of his coloring. (There were different-colored Embers produced, I guess, but blue seems to be the most common). Because he and Seashell arrived together, and because they have the same color eyes, I decided that Ember has to be Seashell's son. Also, they "fit" together - you can position them easily (As I sort of have here, but you can put them even closer) - so it looks like Ember has his head tucked up under Seashell's chin, and she looks very protective of him. (If your  particular browser does the "popup" titles on photos, you can see what I was imagining there)

I don't know. This kind of thing, I acknowledge that in some ways it's totally silly, and yet it makes me so happy. It makes me happy to imagine them as mother and son, sitting there, tucked up together. I can't really explain it. (This is something I've always done, though - with my stuffed animals, with my little plastic zoo animals - tried to figure out "friend and family" groupings even if some of them meant weird inter-species relationships. My stuffed animal "families" had lots of "adopted children" in them, because even then I knew enough biology to know a cat and a dog couldn't be biological parents)


And mid-fall break is over, and I didn't get all that much knitting done, no thanks to my city's dicta and also my own sense of diligence (needing to grade that exam and write the other one). I did start the mitts for my mom and have decided to work as solidly as I possibly can on Christmas knitting until it's done. Hopefully the little toys for my niece won't take that long to do each....

but it does seem, more and more, duty steps in to fill the "empty" hours of my life, there is always something I "have" to be doing instead of what I "want" to do. I guess that's adulthood, though.

My inner child, though, whines that it just wants to play - I want to start the stuffed "Minty" pony I want to make (in a few days, if you're a Build-a-Bear fan and a Minty fan, you can get one from them - I'd do it except (a) the BaB ponies are really too big for the space I have, (b) I'm trying to cut way back on frivolous spending, especially after mid-fall break, and (c) I want to have the fun of making my own Minty. (And yes, I think I am going to make socks for her when she's done). And I want to go to antique/resale shops and hunt for Ponies or other fun old toys or display shelves or pretty costume jewelry or old Christmas-tree ornaments....

I dunno. Maybe if I get good work done this week I can take a little time for antiquing this weekend, I don't know....then again, I have cupcakes to make for a church dinner Sunday. (And I cook for the college kids again tomorrow, but I'm going to just do oven-fried chicken again which really isn't that much work). Part of the problem is budgeting the drive time - there is almost nothing near me (I went to the new downtown antique shop and saw nothing promising) and it's 45 minutes now to get to Sherman and longer to get to Ardmore....

I also need to clean house some time. I was gonna do that on Friday but got sidetracked by more urgent things. ("The urgent crowds out the important")

If I could only learn to manage on less than six hours of sleep a night, how much I could get done....

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