Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend in photos

One piece of good news: I have a promise of help hauling off my brush pile next week. So now I just have to mow the lawn (I guess) and make sure the last few things are clipped in the back yard and I can call the city and tell them I have Conformed, and could they please leave me alone for a while.

Brushpile 1:

brushpile 1

That's from the INSIDE of the fence, plus a few things from the front yard (the bases around the yaupon hollies).

Also you can see how the new renters next door love to park super close to my drive, which makes getting out first thing in the morning WHEN IT IS STILL DARK OUT THANKS SO MUCH DST a little harder. This isn't even as close as they've parked.

I'm not sure how I'm going to put my trash out this week but I'll figure out a spot.

And this is the brushpile from the alley:

brushpile 2

For comparison, the fence is about 4' high. (And is going to be replaced with a privacy fence, as soon as I can hire someone and get them out to do it.)

But yesterday was a better day than Friday night. First and best, getting to hang out with a friend (I wish people like Laura lived closer to me so we could hang out more often). Really outstanding lunch at Barron's - Saturday is the day to go as they have brunch, I got an omelet with a side of honey-butter grits, which were *incredible* and I may see if I can figure out how to replicate them. (I think I have a recipe somewhere for a "grits spoonbread," which might be similar if dressed up with a little honey)

And we went to Stitches N Stuff.

yarn 2

The bag is from Barron's; it's an insulated lunch tote which will be a lot nicer than the ziploc bags I have been carrying my lunch in. I hope it's easily washable....I'm not always the neatest eater.

Also, the cream colored yarn is for a scarf for me, and the grey is for a shawl. The striping sockyarn (I am a big sucker for striping yarn) will probably become socks, and the little bits are for the toys for my niece for Christmas.

I also bought these at Barron's:


They're pink and they're sparkly and I kind of needed some new slippers anyway. The only downside is that the sequins do snag hosiery (I put them on over hose - haven't changed out of "church clothes" - for this photo).

Also, a back-track, here is the yarn from the Whitesboro trip. This will probably ALL become socks, except for the light blue, which is for mitts for my mother's Christmas present. I'm particularly pleased with that yarn - it's a yak-down yarn.

yarn 1

The two stripey ones are an Opal line ("Bl├╝tenpracht," which means Blossom). I don't think I've seen it anywhere before but it's pretty and it stripes. (The colors I got are Poppy ("Mohn") - the orange, and Phlox ("Flammenblume") - the pastels). I noticed on the label it says not to use fabric softener. Not that I ever do, but I wonder why that is? Bad for the texture? (They say not to use it on towels as it renders the towels less absorbent). Bad for the colors? I don't know.

The brown one is a colorway called "Belgian Chocolate," which made it even more appealing to me. I might do some kind of all-over lace pattern with this one.

Laura and I also went to the East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore. It was fun and I learned a little bit. I never really explicitly made the mental link that oil deposits work kind of like an aquifer works, but apparently they do. Also, I learned about the Connaly Hot Oil Act, and the stuff that led up to it - apparently the early 30s were a pretty wild time in Texas; lots of money and people came into the area quickly. Also there was apparently a price collapse of oil (shades of today, hm). And the three churches in Kilgore were set on fire (two burned to the ground) because....people, I guess. I never know whether to be reassured that we've not got much worse than we were in the past, or frustrated that we haven't learned from that past.

There was also a seriously goofy and stuck-in-the-70s marionette show featuring Professor Rockbottom (I know, Laura said it was 80s-fabulous, but the marionette show reminded me of educational tv from the 70s). I can't quite see modern kids going for it, but I don't know. (I think even when I was a kid, there would have been some eye-rolling over how corny it was.)

They also had a gift shop. One of the things they sell are those tumbled stones, and I know my dad would say it was a rip-off ($3.95 for filling a small bag) but I kind of love those things, and given that $4 doesn't buy you much these days, the happiness picking out a few rocks and then having them to look at seems cheap. And also being able to do this, imagining it as a present for Maud Pie:

"Rocks. My favorite."

"Rocks. My favorite."

(I love that my stuffed Maud is so tightly crocheted that she can stand on her own - I don't have any kind of prop or support under her.)

Coming next week: my Little Pony Families (and one Couple)

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